Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ignore the S5, Concept Design of Galaxy S6 Leaked out

Seems like the Apple Conspiracy not satisfied with the appearance of Galaxy S4, even the next S5, so they just design the Galaxy S6 themselves.

The Galaxy S6 gives up the large display screen, adopting the 4.5” display and not so narrow bezel, which are egronomical actually.

And the screen is soft OLED which has 2K resolution. Although it’s a plastic made phone, it’s designed with Hyperskin nano-coating by one-piece.
And the S6 is added with next battery tech, which gives you one-week battery life after charged one time. The camera is upgraded to 18MP supporting 4K video recording. Inside, Android 6.0 runs on the Galaxy S6. Do you like it?